Bogotá Bootcamp - Learn how to be a web developer in just 10 weeks!

Granger Abuhoff


Granger is our lead instructor. He is a teacher turned programmer turned programming teacher! After working as a teacher and graduating law school, Granger joined a bootcamp and learned Rails. Rails and Angular changed his life and career and after finishing the bootcamp, Granger worked for two successful New York startups before switching gears to start Bogotá Dev with Nicolle. Granger has a passion for tech and teaching, and he can make you a professional developer.

Nicolle Jasbon

Logistics / Student Liaison

Nico is student liaison, helping students find what they need, from the right class to the right apartment to the right cup of coffee. Nicolle also runs the financial side of Bogotá Bootcamp and Nicolle's Dev Shop Bogotá Dev. She also arrange events and runs everything related to the unkeep of Bogotá Bootcamp's website and physical location. Nicolle is fluent in Spanish, English, and conversational in Ruby.

Diego Zuluaga

Frontend advisor

Diego is a student advisor for those focused on frontend development and a full stack web developer specialized in Ruby, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Along with Mou and Bogotá Dev peer Ferney Medina, Diego won the HackAmericas Bogota 2018 Youth for Transportation Hackathon with a device that alerted cyclists when drivers get too close. In addition to web development Diego, is passionate about frontend development and is an experienced contractor. If you're looking for some guidance on where to start for design, Diego is the guy to ask.

Leonel Oliveros

Fullstack Instructor

Leo is a night course instructor who learned web development during a night class bootcamp. He is a former electrical engineer who has worked on complex applications for American and Colombian companies. Leo won the Scotiabank Colpatria Hackathon 2018 with teammates and Manuel Ortega and Mayra Signh (a Bogotá Bootcamp graduate). Leo is fluent in English as well as Spanish, and his favorite computer languages are Ruby and Javascript.

Mauricio Scioville

Backend Instructor

Mauricio teaches Ruby on Rails in Spanish. He has been interested in computers and the automation of tasks using programming since he was a kid. Mou studied to be an accountant but instead found his career in fullstack web development after taking the fullstack bootcamp at Bogotá Dev. Now he is a successful freelance web developer, winning the HackAmericas Bogotá 2018 Youth for Transportation Hackathon with Ferney and second place at AngelHack Bogotá 2018.