Granger Abuhoff


I am a teacher turned programmer. After working as a teacher I went back to school to become a lawyer. While in school I was diagnosed with cancer. I continued my courses while sick, but even though I recovered, I realized that I had more opportunities in programming than I did in law. I started studying on my own, then came to New York to take courses. Within a year of passing the bar I had an entirely different career. I soon got the six figure salary I wanted when I started, but along the way I developed a passion for development and for teaching development to others. Bogotá Bootcamp is my way of taking my passion of teaching and making into a way of life!

Nicolle Jasbon

Logistics/ Student Liaison

I am fluent in Spanish. I have Colombian and Ecuadorian roots and local connections! I am a graduate of Connecticut College, and have since been working as a physical therapy aide in New York City for two years. Learning Ruby and Javascript changed my outlook on what other careers are available to me. I am here to help the students feel comfortable in their new class environment. I also negotiate our deals with partners for work space, media, advertising, and anything else that it takes to make the course happen. I've always prided myself on making the people around me better, and I'm here to help you through this course however I can.