Why BB?

I'm doing this, because I became a software engineer through a program like this. Since then the prices have gone up. Big money has gotten involved. Bootcamps have tried to expand. Bootcamps have tried to go online. Bootcamps have tried to become profitable enough to please Wall Street, pay an ever expanding staff, and give founders license to enter the world of tech heroes.

I can offer a lower price, because of the location, and because I'm not trying to 'scale'. I have a career as a software engineer. I'm running Bogotá Bootcamp, because before I ever wanted to become a Rails professional I wanted to teach. I coach water polo at night. On the weekends I tutor beginners in Ruby. I am a lifelong educator, schooled in Human Development, Education Theory, and Software Engineering. I have the teaching experience and skills to get you not just a new job, but the skills to get a new series of jobs.

Some of you will become Rails developers. Some will use skills learned from the Rails to work with Java, to work on a Product team, to become a digital nomad, to create your own start up, to become techinically literate in a new way. The choice will be yours.

Do you need a full time program? Yes. You can't learn to dive in shallow water. Until you devote yourself full time you're note going to make it. The great thing about going somewhere new is that it lets you focus yourself fully on the task at hand.

Where will you be in 10 weeks if you don't take this course? in 10 months? in 10 years? What change are you making that's big enough to give you the money and career you want?

You don't have to be Bill Gates to learn to program. You just have to make the leap to take a few months to learn. Join us at Bogotá Bootcamp. Let's make it happen.