Bogotá Bootcamp - Learn how to be a web developer in just 10 weeks!

  • Why should I do this bootcamp?

    This is the most affordable class out there that teaches you the skills you need for a new career. We are small family run business that invests the time so that each student actually learns all the material.

  • What computer languages are being taught in this course?

    The course will be covering Ruby and Javascript. We'll be learning other techologies, but those are the two languages.

  • What (people) language is the class in?

    We offer our fulltime (day) class in English and our night class in Spanish. If you’re worried about your level of Spanish or English for either class just know that most of our instructors are bilingual and speak Spanish & English! Just give us a call to see which is class is the best fit for you.

  • How much does the course cost?

    Since our prices are in COP the overall cost of the course is significantly lower than other bootcamps you'll research. Prices for each section are detailed on the home page of the website. However, we are always looking for motivated and talented students. If the price is too high, contact us at:

  • Do I pay all at once?

    No. We offer different payment plans for each student. You can pay in up to 5 separate installments, each installment being 20% of the course total. To secure your spot for class you we ask for a non-refundable deposit (20% of the course total). Not sure how you’re going to pay? Ask about our scholarships.

  • I've never been to Bogotá, where should I stay?

    We have a promo code for an international hotel/hostel called Selina. Promo code is Selinabogotabootcamp. Make sure you choose the Parque de la 93 location. Additionally, we suggest browsing Airbnb in Chico Norte or Usaquen neighborhoods. Just make sure you can walk to the office because traffic in Bogotá is pretty rough!

  • Why Bogotá?

    Bogotá is an up and coming economy, lots of room for growth in new industries. Specifically coding and web development! Other hubs include New York and San Francisco but the tuition for these bootcamps range from $12,000 to $21,000 USD depending on the length of the course. We want to be at the forefronts of the tech revolution in Colombia. Bogota Bootcamp wants give people the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be part of the ever-growing tech industry. Bogota has so much to offer. Nightlife, fresh coffee, great weather, and the opportunity to grow.

  • Why a remote bootcamp? Can't I learn at home?

    You can, but you won't. Home has too many distractions. When you learn full time, your mind makes an adjustment: 'This is what I'm doing now.' You need the hours of practice every day and the support of a community. Living in Bogota will offer a fresh outlook, a focused mind where you will have committed to making a change and where we are committed to working with you, Monday through Friday. 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. There is no substitute for a live instructor, peers, and a classroom.

  • Can anyone learn to code professionally?

    Web development is not about really clever coding 90% of the time. Web development is a career where you build up knowledge through study and experience. It's more about acquired knowledge and skills than your IQ. We can teach you the skills that you will need to pass your interview, but you need to stay motivated to find the experience.

  • What does the course cover?

    There are a few general topics with related specifics.

    Dev Basics: Git, terminal commands, github, heroku, AWS, deployment

    Ruby Basics: variables, objects, iteration, recursion, conditional logic, methods, classes

    Rails Basics: models, views, controllers, API calls

    Javascript: AJAX calls, promises, async design, assets

    HTML: dom manipulation, CSS, browser tools

    An additional frontend framework: React

  • Will I find a job after this bootcamp?

    The reason there are bootcamps is that the jobs are out there. People need employees with these skills. We can’t guarantee you a job right after class, but we are confident that after the course you will find interviews.

  • This is a big step. Am I ready?

    You're right. But if you want to change in a dramatic way you have to do something different. We can help you through the process. Let’s start coding together.